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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Martial Arts Diet Tips for Men and Women Fitness Ann Arbor

The holidays are over. You’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get active and stay healthy. The jujutsu in Ann Arbor, karate, and judo classes at JMAC are a great way to get active. Exercise is important – you’ve got to move your body to take care of it - but physical activity isn’t the only factor, you’ve got to eat well too!

Here are Four Diet Tips for Men and Women Fitness Ann Abor

Lean protein to get stronger
Smart carbs to help keep your energy up
Structure your diet to maximize your metabolism
Get lots of rest to kill stress

Click HERE to learn more about utilizing smart diet practices with martial arts and self-defense Ann Arbor training to help reach your fitness goals! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Martial Arts Ann Arbor Training to Keep Active & Stay Healthy!

At Japanese Martial Arts Center, we help men and women with their fitness goals. Nihon Jujutsu (also spelled “Jujitsu”) classes, judo, and karate will help you learn effective martial arts and self-defense techniques to stay active and healthy.

Click HERE to learn more about utilizing smart diet practices with martial arts and self-defense training to help reach your fitness goals! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Take Your Life to the Next Level!

As many of you know, I constantly explore new personal development and achievement tools. Over the years I’ve found exceptional techniques and principles that have helped me and the people I coach – now I want to share them with you!

Wouldn’t it Be Helpful to Resolve Your Self-Doubt?
I’ve grappled with some of these feelings myself. When my businesses struggle, I sometimes feel that I’m not good enough to get to the next level. Even when I know what tactics I need, I get push-back from that inside voice, questioning whether I have what it takes or even – in the dark of night – If I deserve to be successful.

To solve this struggle for myself and for the people I help, I’ve studied how to give myself permission to live up to my potential. That’s helped me learn a lot about how to help other people give themselves permission.

Wouldn’t it Be Great to Experience a Day of Energy, Support, and Permission?
PERMISSION–THE EVENT is a day of support, energy, music, hugs, cheering, meditation and learning. It’s about making sure you know that the world approves of you and the life you want to live. You’ll get powerful support for your dream of an authentic, fulfilling, spectacular life. You get frameworks for prioritizing your tactical stuff!

It's going to be an amazing day that I hope will change the way you view your world forever. Our next event is Saturday, March 30, 2019, at Weber's Boutique Hotel in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I can't wait to party with you there! CLICK HERE to learn more about Permission!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Eat Right, Train Harder – Diet Tips for Martial Arts Ann Arbor training


Trying to get fit and healthy?
Have you tried Martial Arts in Ann Arbor training?

Martial Arts Training Diet - Men and Women Fitness in Ann Arbor 


There’s always a lot of talk about eating a balanced diet or what a new fad suggests you should eat – but the truth is there isn’t a magic bullet diet that works for everyone. You’re going to have to try different things, and we’ve got some sound suggestions:

·      Lean protein for strength
·      Smart carbs for energy
·      Scheduled meals for metabolism
·      Sleep for overall energy and health

Click HERE to learn more about utilizing smart diet practices with martial arts and self-defense training to help reach your fitness goals! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Kickstart Your Fitness Goals With Nihon Jujutsu!


Have you signed up for a gym only to quit going after a few weeks?

Have you tried a diet only to slide off it without getting results? 

Ready to drop some pounds, move more, add lean muscle, and live healthier – while doing something a lot more exciting? Jujutsu training at Japanese Martial Arts Center is the perfect opportunity to shake things up with your fitness plan and help you see and feel the results you want.

Also spelled "jujitsu" or "jiu-jitsu," Nihon Jujutsu martial arts training can help improve your physical activity, help you get into shape while improving your focus and concentration. You’ll also get the support and encouragement you need to keep going and reach your fitness goals. It’s important to find the right place to train – that’s why we’re offering two free introductory lessons!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Make Jujutsu Part of Your Fitness Plan!


Jujutsu – Perfect Men and Women Fitness in Ann Arbor! 

Fitness and healthy living shouldn’t only be a “New Year” goal. It takes time and effort. There It’s a lifestyle commitment. Because there aren’t any magic pills or overnight solutions, you need to find a fitness plan that not only encourages you to get out there and move and eat well, you need to have a base of encouragement to keep you focused and help you through plateaus and rough days where you feel like you’re not getting results.

Nihon Jujutsu (also spelled “jujitsu”) training at Japanese Martial Arts Center in Ann Arbor offers the perfect total mind and body fitness opportunity. You’ll move and exercise strengthening your body while also improving your focus and concentration and learning valuable self-defense techniques!

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Are You Looking for a Terrific Fitness Training Opportunity?

Being physically fit isn’t just about eating well, it’s also about taking care of your body. Martial arts training provides men and women in Ann Arbor with unique fitness opportunities. You’ll be able to train your mind as well as your body in a safe and systematic manner while learning traditional Japanese martial arts techniques.

Introductory Lessons: Participate in two free 30-minute private lessons with an expert instructor (you can take the free intros with a friend).

Two Month Trial Membership: Get started with the assurance that you can stop after two months with no further obligation.

Full Membership: Once you’re committed to making real gains in your martial arts training, sign up and lock in your low dues rate for one year.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Try training at JMAC for two months. Discontinue your membership within 60 days if it's not for you!

Click Here to learn more about martial arts fitness for men and women in Ann Arbor! 

Observe a Class: If you're interested in Japanese martial arts, we'd love to have you come watch a class. Contact Us or give us a all at (734) 645-6441 to arrange a time to visit or to talk more about which martial art you want to try! We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your fitness goals!