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Monday, December 3, 2018

Begin your training at JMAC – Incredible Physical Fitness for Men & Women in Ann Arbor

At Japanese Martial Arts Center we help men and women with their fitness needs. Martial arts training helps you develop both mindfulness and balance. It’s also a terrific activity that will help you improve your physical fitness. We teach a variety of different martial arts styles. Whether you’ve trained before or are a beginner, we provide step by step instruction. We’ll help you achieve your fitness goals in a supportive atmosphere.

Come watch a class at Japanese Martial Arts Center!
The best way to learn about JMAC and the styles we teach is to visit one of our classes. You’ll see martial arts we teach and you can choose which one suits you best!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Can Training in Kids Judo or Karate at JMAC have a Positive Impact on your Teen? Read one Mom’s Feedback!

“I find that he’s calmer and he thinks things through. I’m sure part of that is him and part of that the training. It’s always interesting to see him helping the younger kids – whether they’re age younger or belt younger he really seems to step up whenever needed. He’s definitely more confident - I think that comes from here (JMAC).”

“He has a quiet nature and this helps him be more outgoing - And, speak his mind. He’s found his voice. At the beginning of class, there’s a call to meditate, ‘Mokusou’, a moment to get your head in the game. It’s incredible to hear his loud, strong voice.” She smiles and continues, “One of my favorite memories is of him in a Mokusou contest a couple years ago, at the JMAC anniversary celebration. He was very young and the entire community was cheering him on as he belted out the Mokusou in his young, high pitched voice – red faced, he eked out every last bit of air in his lungs.”

“It’s nice for us and it’s nice that he’s met his best friends here. And…read more.

Friday, September 28, 2018

“What’s Your Greatest Challenge in the Kids Judo or Kids Karate Program?” JMAC teen, Matthew, Responds:

“In judo” he says, “we do randori, which is applying principles that we learned.” He continues, “It’s kind of hard not to be tense all the time. You try to be unpredictable so you can get people off balance, but I have to work on practicing more types of throws. Right now, I have two or three that I usually do, so they know what to expect.” He adds, “I mean, how do you think about being relaxed? Because, when you think about being relaxed, you try to be relaxed and you get tense,” he smiles and adds, “it’s really weird.”

Read more of Matthew’s story.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Surprise Benefits of Kids Martial Arts in Ann Arbor

Improved Attention: in other sports, kids experience negative consequences for losing focus, like missing a ground ball at third base. In martial arts, focus is expected but also consistently rewarded. And when minds wander, instructors reset with a ready stance and kids don't experience the pressure of letting down the team.

Family Bonding: while you wouldn't take a class together until your kids are older, participating in martial arts can be a family experience. You might have back-to-back lessons so you can watch each other practice and work on moves at home. Or siblings might enjoy taking a class together and even learn to get along better at home through lessons of respect in the dojo!

Confidence Boost: martial arts improve kids' confidence with self-defense skills. Whether or not your little one experiences bullies, they are likely to feel less intimidated in situations when they develop solid self-defense moves. Kids also build confidence by setting and achieving concrete goals such as mastering a skill, learning a new move, or moving up a level in their art.

Fun: underlying all these benefits is the foundation of a fun and accepting atmosphere. When you give kids experiences and lessons in a fun way, they are more likely to learn and retain skills and stick with an activity long-term. While martial arts can be very structured and formal, instructors motivate kids through joy and encouragement, too!

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Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Search: JMAC Student Amy on Finding Iaido and Choosing a Dojo

“I wanted to find something that would work on my lower body strength and balance, because as we age these become real big issues. I thought iaido would be something that would help me with that. My aikido instructor, who also taught iaido, was no longer teaching, so I looked at a couple dojos that were close to where I live but none of them appealed to me. My search was expanded to Ann Arbor, where I spoke with Suino Sensei and automatically noted that JMAC was far superior to the other places I had visited. It was like night and day. I took my intro lessons, wobbling all over the place”, and she added, smiling, “and Sensei said ‘I think we can help you’. I felt it was worth it to drive all the way to Ann Arbor.” Read more.

Monday, September 3, 2018

4 Surprising Benefits of Enrolling Kids in Martial Arts

Why should you choose kids martial arts in Ann Arbor over other activities for your children?

Want to learn more about the benefits of kids martial arts?

In the Ann Arbor area and searching for an enriching experience for your kid?

As a parent of school age children, your time is limited and precious. So it makes sense that when you're looking for an after-school activity for your kid, you want to get the most out of your time. On the list of activities that have a lot to offer your kid, martial arts should be at the top. Sure, there's the obvious appeal of physical fitness and self-defense, but you might be surprised by some of the other benefits your kid will experience when they participate in martial arts, like improved focus and ability to learn. Whether your child enrolls in kids judo or kids karate — or our "Little Dragons" class for 4-6 year olds, you'll notice a number of surprise benefits that come from their participation.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

There’s more to Iaido than Meets the Eye!

JMAC Student Amy’s Feedback on the Unexpected Benefits She Experienced as a Result of Her Training. 

“What comes to mind first is the camaraderie and the friendships. There’s a diverse population at JMAC, all ages and persuasions. Everyone here is nonjudgmental and you don’t feel lesser for who you are. It’s a non-competitive atmosphere and people are supportive of each other and this makes for a wonderful kind of learning environment and dojo experience. “And, of course, the instructors here make a huge difference - Absolutely, they’re all great.  I ended up taking some private lessons with Holland Sensei, because I couldn’t always get here during my busy workweek. That made an enormous difference. The one on one time was a great way for me to learn. I think that if those things had not been true, if the teachers were not supportive, I wouldn’t have kept coming. It’s very gratifying.”

“I didn’t know very much about iaido at the beginning and found it interesting in so many different ways, including philosophically and the exactitude of it.  It’s very beautiful when it’s done by people who know what they’re doing. It’s an exquisite art form. And since I went into it for the exercise, I wasn’t expecting to love the history of the art – the samurai culture, uniqueness of the sword itself, and its fittings. I have a whole new appreciation for…. Read more.