Thursday, November 17, 2016

Immerse Yourself in Martial Arts

The act of approaching your martial art with reserve means you’re dooming yourself to miss out on many of its most profound, valuable aspects. Those who completely immerse themselves in their martial art are the ones who enjoy them the most. If you dabble, you’re going to have less fun with it and get a lot less of its essence. Similarly, if you don’t find ways to immerse yourself in practice during consolidation periods, you’re going to fall short of your potential.

But you don’t have to fall short. You can change in exceptional ways. You can get that change by reading this book and taking decisive action. Keep in mind this truth: change can come from within, or it can come from what’s around you. Sometimes change comes from a combination of the two. Something will affect your thinking or your attitude and you’ll be able to use that push to improve. If you’re both lucky and diligent, you’ll improve far out of proportion to the size of whatever that push was. At other times, you’ll need a whole lot of push even to make small changes. If you need me to give you a gentle push, or a major shove, just let me know!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It's about the martial arts training, not the rank!

In nearly 50 years of martial arts training, competing, deep study, and teaching, I’ve seen it over and over. There IS a real difference between the exceptional martial artist and the average student. The exceptional martial artist keeps rank in its proper perspective. 

They know that the momentary joy of getting a new belt or certificate fades. Don’t go for that. 

The deep internal joy of learning and doing great martial arts changes you forever. Go for that.

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