Thursday, October 7, 2010

Southern Michigan Self-Defense Summit!

Announcing the Second Annual…
Southern Michigan Martial Arts Summit
And why you should crawl across broken glass on your naked knees to get there!

When: October 17, 2010. 10:00 a.m – 5:30p.m
Where: Dan Vigil’s Academy of Taekwondo
235 E. Main St. Northville, MI 48167*
Cost: 89.00 (paid to your instructor in advance)
Bring: Training clothes and other protective equipment if you desire. WATER. Snacks.

*Placing this address in Google Maps, Mapquest and all Navigation systems yields incorrect directions. “Dan Vigil’s Academy of Taekwondo” is located in the “Water Wheel Building” located on the corner of Griswold and Main St. in downtown Northville. Ask your instructor for detailed directions.

This seminar is guaranteed to take your self defense skills to a higher level. Four master instructors, each experts in their field, will teach workshops dealing with combat at different ranges. From a kicking distance, to punching, to knees and elbows, to takedowns and ground work – you will benefit from the unique insights of teachers with experience in Judo, Jiujitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Krav Maga and Goju Ryu. Even better, you will have an opportunity to hear them expand collectively on each teacher’s concepts with insights of their own. Such a depth of experience is rarely found.

We have kept the cost for this seminar extremely low (normally an all day seminar of this kind goes for $250+) so that you will not only benefit from great instruction, but also from the energy and experience of numerous partners. Imagine the fun of helping eager students from another discipline master the basics of your art, and then having them return the favor as you attempt theirs. Experiencing this atmosphere of mutual respect and fun is a rare opportunity!

Even if you have no previous martial arts experience, you can benefit from this seminar. Every workshop is designed to work for someone with no experience in that particular style of fighting.

Schedule of Events

10:00a.m – 10:15a.m Welcome and Opening Ceremony

10:15a.m – 11:45p.m Workshop #1: Practical Self Defense Kicking and Footwork


Unlock the closely guarded secrets of a National level Taekwondo competitor and learn how to apply them in realistic self defense situations. No jumping. No spinning. No head kicks. You will enjoy discovering the simple shifts in body weight that will add serious power to your kicking techniques, the footwork that will give you speed and move you from outer distances into a range where you are most comfortable – plus get you there with total dominance. Get a base understanding of how to read “the triangle” that telegraphs any attackers attempts to kick or punch you.

Perhaps best of all: get 90 minutes with a martial artist who has been in the trenches as a security professional applying his techniques on a daily basis. No fancy theories, just simple stuff that works when it counts.

12:00p.m – 1:30p.m
Workshop #2: Short Distance Striking, Gouges and Rips (Larioza)

In this eye-opening session, Larioza Sensei will show the serious martial arts student the intriguing link and relationship between an ancient traditional Asian martial art and an effective modern and tested self defense system. You will gain a valuable insight into how super-human power is generated in Traditional Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate and how it shares some surprising similarities and techniques with modern Israeli Krav Maga. In this follow-on to the previous seminar Larioza Sensei will use the essential skills of relaxation and slowing techniques down in order to learn then perform demanding self defense technique against an attacker armed with a hand gun. These self defense techniques will show the student the value of slow precise practice and the need for repetition in relaxed state. The hour and a half will draw from both Goju Ryu Karate and Krav Maga. …….…..a little bit of deep theory and a lot of hands on practice to immediately elevate your self defense skills and confidence.

1:30p.m – 2:15p.m LUNCH

2:15p.m – 3:45p.m Workshop #3: Takedowns and Takedown Defense


In this extraordinary 90-minute session, Suino-Sensei will show you how to utilize the time-tested skills of judo in self-defense. Learn how your opponent is actually helping you by punching, kicking, or grabbing you, and by exerting force against you. Learn how to avoid making the mistakes your opponent makes. Learn to dominate the center, and how to think tactically about self defense. Learn the keys to movement that will make you incredibly flexible and exceptionally strong. Don't miss this chance to study with an internationally recognized expert. Workshop #4: Grappling, Submissions and Ground Striking


Superior position is key in the ground game, and must be established before offensive measures like striking or submissions can be effectively executed. The grappling workshop of the day will cover katame-waza — pinning techniques drawn from Judo, BJJ, Wrestling and Nihon Jujutsu that will enable you to control, immobilize, and dominate the opposition. These techniques are essential for self-defense scenarios that progress to the ground, and useful in the event that you must passively restrain an aggressor. All martial artists will benefit by adding them to their arsenal.