Thursday, August 20, 2015

Choke Series: Triangle Choke | Sankaku-jime

A brief breakdown of the choke:
    ⁃    One of the opponent's arms and his/her neck is between your legs.
    ⁃    Drag the opponent's arm across your body and bite down on the neck with your leg. This gives you control over your opponent's posture!
    ⁃    Make sure that the opponent's head is down.
    ⁃    Cross your ankle under the opposite knee.
    ⁃    Your legs should create a garrote around his/her carotids.

For more information, visit our Sankaku-jime page.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Test Date Reminder

Choke Series: Front Arm Triangle | Mae-hadaka-jime

The bottom arm is fitted under the neck, so that the carotids are pinioned between the bicep and the forearm (top left). The free arm acts as a fulcrum, as the fingers on the opposite hand slide down the bicep (top right). The choke is applied (bottom left). An alternate view of the opponent's head (bottom right).

Want a more detailed explanation? Check out our page: Mae-hadaka-jime.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Choke Series: Rear Naked Choke | Hadaka Jime

The choke is set up in the traditional way (top left). The choke is applied, creating a garrote around the neck at the carotids (top right). In the second version, the fingers of the free hand more towards the bicep (bottom left). The hand tucks behind the neck, completing the choke (bottom right).

For more information on this killer submission, visit our page on Hadaka-jime.