Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What’s your Greatest Challenge in Martial Arts?

JMAC karate student, Andrew, shares his greatest challenges in martial arts:

“Self-discipline and Focus. Being able to push through and exceed perceived physical and mental limitations.  As I age, I find myself hitting that wall earlier and the challenge is being able to work through that and push myself beyond what my mind tells me is my limit.”

What helps you push through? “I just do it. It’s also the energy of the people around me.  But, overall, I’m self-motivated. Practicing kata can be a very solitary thing.  I’ll practice over and over again, pushing myself beyond my limitations.”

“The other challenge is working through injury.” Andrew injured a hamstring twice but is now feeling better. He worked through the injury by “being cognizant of it, not pushing past the breaking point, not becoming stagnant, and not giving up.”

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