Thursday, June 20, 2019

Meet Adrian & Christian!

ann-arbor-kids-karate-japanese-martial-arts-centerBrothers Adrian and Christian are the latest students to be profiled in I Am JMAC!

They've grown a lot since they first came to the dojo, and it's been exciting to see them progress through our Kids Karate program.

“We were out of shape when we started,” says Christian. For Adrian some of the early training techniques were difficult to get used to. “I’m guessing the first time I tried to have my knee over my toes in a front stance, my legs were in pain.” Through the initial discomfort, the brothers stuck with it and improved their skills and confidence.

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Kids Judo in Ann Arbor May Be The Perfect Activity For Your Child!

Kids Judo in Ann Arbor | Japanese Martial Arts Center
Kids Judo in Ann Arbor | Japanese Martial Arts Center

The Kids Judo in Ann Arbor
 program at JMAC may be exactly what you’re looking for.
Numerous studies have shown how important it is for children to get out and play. Engaging in physical activities is critical for brain and body development. Unfortunately, kids just aren’t getting enough opportunities for healthy play these days. That’s where martial arts training like Judo can be a big game changer for your child!

Benefits from our Kids Judo Ann Arbor Program include:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Confidence
  • Improved Performance at School

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