Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Can Training in Kids Judo or Karate at JMAC have a Positive Impact on your Teen? Read one Mom’s Feedback!

“I find that he’s calmer and he thinks things through. I’m sure part of that is him and part of that the training. It’s always interesting to see him helping the younger kids – whether they’re age younger or belt younger he really seems to step up whenever needed. He’s definitely more confident - I think that comes from here (JMAC).”

“He has a quiet nature and this helps him be more outgoing - And, speak his mind. He’s found his voice. At the beginning of class, there’s a call to meditate, ‘Mokusou’, a moment to get your head in the game. It’s incredible to hear his loud, strong voice.” She smiles and continues, “One of my favorite memories is of him in a Mokusou contest a couple years ago, at the JMAC anniversary celebration. He was very young and the entire community was cheering him on as he belted out the Mokusou in his young, high pitched voice – red faced, he eked out every last bit of air in his lungs.”

“It’s nice for us and it’s nice that he’s met his best friends here. And…read more.