Thursday, November 6, 2014

Upcoming Winter Events 2014

We have two Ann Arbor martial art events coming up!

Saturday, November 22 from 11am-2pm

Special Workshop: Power Learning

Acquire Martial Arts Skills Faster Than Ever

Taught by Suino Sensei

(No adult classes that day... regular kids classes WILL meet!)
- For JMAC members 14 & over (all programs welcome)
-Please sign up in advance - no charge for JMAC members!

Thursday, November 27 - Sunday, November 30

Japanese Martial Arts Center is closed for Thanksgiving Holiday


Saturday, December 6 from 9am-noon

Special Workshop: Less than Lethal - Tactical Pen for Personal Defense

Taught by Suino Sensei

Offered in conjunction with Ann Arbor Arms

(No regular classes that day... kids or adults)
- Adults 18 & over only (all programs welcome)
- Wooden practice pens supplied
-Please sign up in advance - $50 charge
-Limited number of slots available for JMAC