Friday, January 22, 2021

Are You Looking for an At-Home Bootcamp Workout?

Staying healthy is on everybody's mind these days. One of the best things you can do to stay healthy overall is exercise, but pandemic regulations make it difficult to find a gym or class you’re comfortable with that also provides a great workout. JMAC has martial arts, self-defense, and bootcamp workouts via video, Zoom, or private in-person (masks and social distancing required). 

Wondering if JMAC is right for you? Read what our members have to say about the JMAC18!

Monday, January 4, 2021

What do Members Say About JMAC?

If you’re struggling to find the right workout in the right place in pandemic conditions, you’re not alone! We understand how important it is to find a place where you feel comfortable and connected while getting a great workout and staying safe.

JMAC offers a variety of martial arts and self-defense classes, as well as a short but intense bootcamp workout. We’re confident we have something you’ll like, and we know without a doubt that our instructors and members are dedicated and welcoming. Because of pandemic regulations – and for our members’ health – we offer classes via Zoom and video, and private lessons in person. 

We could list all the reasons we think you’ll love JMAC, but wouldn’t you rather hear it from our members? 

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Monday, December 28, 2020

JMAC Adapts to Continue Offering World-Class Training During COVID

New COVID regulations have once again changed the way we interact and work out. But as the pandemic evolves, so do we! JMAC is committed to giving you great martial arts practice. The physical and mental health benefits we get from training are too important to put on hold. We all need to stay as healthy as possible during this difficult time. 

JMAC still offers world-class training – but we’ve adapted our delivery methods!

Learn more on our website. 

Monday, December 14, 2020

JMAC Adapts Training for COVID Regulations

Martial arts teaches us patience and respect, which are needed more than ever as the COVID pandemic continues. In respect for the latest COVID regulations and more importantly, the health of our members, JMAC has temporarily cancelled on-site group classes. 

That doesn’t mean we’re giving up! We’re committed to giving you great martial arts practice. 

JMAC will still offer classes via Zoom, video, and socially distanced private lessons.

Visit our website for more information.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Change Your Life in 18 Minutes a Day? You bet!

50-second rounds. 10-second transitions. Never the same workout twice.

We think the JMAC18 is the simplest bootcamp on the planet! And the most fun! We introduce the workout at 7:30, start the timer around 7:36, and you’ll be done and on your way by 7:54. It might be the best 18 minutes of your day.

We know a bootcamp workout might not be right for you, and we want you to be sure before you commit to any workout program. That’s why JMAC always invites you to try a class for free.

You’ll never know until you try! The JMAC18 might be just the push you need to get back on track with your fitness. 

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

What Can You Accomplish in 18 Minutes?

Are you ready to get back to the gym now that the stay-at-home orders have been eased?

Have you considered a bootcamp workout? Not sure if it’s right for you? Given the right information, the right instructor, and a free class to boot (see what we did there?) we’re confident you’ll see the benefit of the JMAC18.

The JMAC18 bootcamp workout is made up of intense interval training, great for people who like variety, like to challenge themselves, and are short on time. Like most bootcamp workouts, each class includes a variety of exercises to build strength, endurance, and agility. But unlike a lot of bootcamps that use same-old, repetitive workouts, we value intensity and variety over duration. 

The JMAC18 is a different 18-minute workout every class. Visit our website to learn more!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

JMAC Continues to Follow COVID Precautions

Even though the Governor's executive orders have been ruled unconstitutional, we are still bound by regulations and respect for the health and safety of others. We want to get back to business as normal, but for now we are still limited by:

  • Washtenaw County advisory rulings
  • Michigan Department of Public Health rulings
  • Common Sense
  • A desire to help control the spread of COVID

It still makes sense to sanitize our hands, disinfect, ventilate, socially distance and mask. We still want to protect one another. We will always work to protect the safety and health of our students, and now is no exception. JMAC is a place to thrive!

If you’d like to learn more or arrange a time to watch class, call (734) 720-0330 or email us at

For more details about how we have adapted martial arts practice to protect our students during the pandemic, visit our website.