Monday, December 19, 2011

101 Ideas to Kick Your Ass into Gear

The latest numbers suggest that the average person spends sixty hours or more a week using their butt as a base of operations. That makes the objective of this book - unplanting your patootie - that much more difficult. How are we supposed to "kick your ass into gear" if you're SITTING ON IT?

Lighthearted but heartfelt, flip but functional, 101 Ideas to Kick Your Ass Into Gear is no garden variety motivational book serving up hackneyed self help ideas. Its tight and punchy chapters are perfect for reading on the plane, on the throne, or at your desk. We provide the ideas, the rest is up to you.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a chapter and put some dare in your derrière, some juice in your caboose, some whoosh in your toosh! After you’ve done a dozen or so of these activities, you’ll look back and wonder how you ever managed to spend so much time parked on your posterior. Check Out 101 Ideas to Kick Your Ass into Gear