Monday, September 10, 2018

Surprise Benefits of Kids Martial Arts in Ann Arbor

Improved Attention: in other sports, kids experience negative consequences for losing focus, like missing a ground ball at third base. In martial arts, focus is expected but also consistently rewarded. And when minds wander, instructors reset with a ready stance and kids don't experience the pressure of letting down the team.

Family Bonding: while you wouldn't take a class together until your kids are older, participating in martial arts can be a family experience. You might have back-to-back lessons so you can watch each other practice and work on moves at home. Or siblings might enjoy taking a class together and even learn to get along better at home through lessons of respect in the dojo!

Confidence Boost: martial arts improve kids' confidence with self-defense skills. Whether or not your little one experiences bullies, they are likely to feel less intimidated in situations when they develop solid self-defense moves. Kids also build confidence by setting and achieving concrete goals such as mastering a skill, learning a new move, or moving up a level in their art.

Fun: underlying all these benefits is the foundation of a fun and accepting atmosphere. When you give kids experiences and lessons in a fun way, they are more likely to learn and retain skills and stick with an activity long-term. While martial arts can be very structured and formal, instructors motivate kids through joy and encouragement, too!

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