Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Take Your Life to the Next Level!

As many of you know, I constantly explore new personal development and achievement tools. Over the years I’ve found exceptional techniques and principles that have helped me and the people I coach – now I want to share them with you!

Wouldn’t it Be Helpful to Resolve Your Self-Doubt?
I’ve grappled with some of these feelings myself. When my businesses struggle, I sometimes feel that I’m not good enough to get to the next level. Even when I know what tactics I need, I get push-back from that inside voice, questioning whether I have what it takes or even – in the dark of night – If I deserve to be successful.

To solve this struggle for myself and for the people I help, I’ve studied how to give myself permission to live up to my potential. That’s helped me learn a lot about how to help other people give themselves permission.

Wouldn’t it Be Great to Experience a Day of Energy, Support, and Permission?
PERMISSION–THE EVENT is a day of support, energy, music, hugs, cheering, meditation and learning. It’s about making sure you know that the world approves of you and the life you want to live. You’ll get powerful support for your dream of an authentic, fulfilling, spectacular life. You get frameworks for prioritizing your tactical stuff!

It's going to be an amazing day that I hope will change the way you view your world forever. Our next event is Saturday, March 30, 2019, at Weber's Boutique Hotel in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I can't wait to party with you there! CLICK HERE to learn more about Permission!

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