Tuesday, June 1, 2021

How Closely Related are Jujutsu and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu?

 Are you new to martial arts?

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Having a hard time telling jujutsu and Brazilian jiu-jitsu apart?

Despite having a similar name, jujutsu (sometimes spelled jujitsu or jiujitsu) and Brazilian jiu-jitsu are two different fighting styles with their own origins, moves, and purposes.

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In fact, Brazilian jiu-jitsu actually comes from judo, not jujutsu. Followers of Japanese jujutsu adapted the martial art into judo and taught it around the world. In the early 1900s, judo teacher Mitsuyo Maeda taught judo in Brazil. One of his students was Carlos Gracie, who then created the style of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

The creator of judo wanted the style to be good for small, lighter individuals to overpower larger opponents, and that’s what Brazilian jiu-jitsu does as well, making Brazilian Jiu-jitsu’s moves more similar to judo than jujutsu. However, judo focuses on taking down opponents from a standing position, while Brazilian jiu-jitsu is more about ground fighting.

The focus on grappling and submissions has made Brazilian jiu-jitsu popular as a competitive sport while jujutsu is mostly used for self-defense, fitness, and personal development. 

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